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Receiving a REIKI Treatment 

Receiving a REIKI treatment is a very simple, non-intrusive but powerful process normally lasting about one hour. It can be given to the recipient lying down, fully clothed on a treatment bed but this is not essential. For example sitting in a chair or in a hospital bed still allows the practitioner to give an effective treatment. It can be hands on or hands off, your total comfort is of primary importance.

The first time you plan to have a REIKI treatment allow extra time as you will find the practitioner will need to ask you about your general medical condition which is called Contraindications, this will help you to discuss any particular problems, physical or emotional that you would like to heal.

The number of treatments needed depends on the root cause of the problems and the amount of extra energy required restoring the wellbeing of the recipient.

What you will experience during treatment is a pleasant sensation of deep warmth and possibly a gentle tingling or gentle pressure in the area being treated. As the energy comes into balance, stress and tensions are released and replaced with a deep sense of relaxation and well-being.



If you are suffering or feeling any of the following emotional or physical pain or traumas then you may find REIKI will help you. Are you feeling STRESSED, Continually TIRED, Suffering with an injury, or have suffered with old injuries and traumas? 

These are just a few of the troubles that can be dealt with by using REIKI. When used to heal illness for example the REIKI energy goes straight to the source of the problem and not simply to the manifesting symptoms. Whilst focus is given to the body's major organs, every cell in the body benefits. Specific injuries can be treated even through dressings. In all cases the number of treatments needed depends on the root cause of the problem and the amount of extra energy required restoring the well-being of the recipient.

REIKI should not be thought of as an alternative to modern medicine. REIKI works well alongside all other forms of treatment and can enhance or even speed up the benefits of those forms of medical practice. Many American hospitals for example have a permanent REIKI practitioner available to assist patients, throughout Europe hospices are also using REIKI Practitioners. By improving your general wellbeing, this will help to restore a balance of health, it is a great way of being able to achieve “prevention is better than cure” benefits. If continually given, along with other holistic therapies, it can help you protect yourself from many illnesses and so prevent the need for other types of treatment in the first place.

If you have a chronic or terminal illness, you may find REIKI helps to alleviate emotions such as anger, fear or frustration, often experienced when living with chronic, or a terminal illness or disease.

If you are uncertain about REIKI, and wonder whether it may or may not help you or someone you know, please feel free to contact me with any questions, I will be happy to give you guidance, please contact me to arrange for a consultation. Contact Cher 05 45 78 92 86.



These are general notes with a brief description of REIKI 1, 2 & 3 training; if you would like to have more detailed information please contact me for a meeting. 


This is held over two or three separate sessions depending on size of group or individuals needs. First day to, 2nd visit 2.5 hours.

1. Introductory session – Receive REIKI 1 Manual, includes history of REIKI, Dr Usui linage, learning hand positions, If you have never received a REIKI, a REIKI session is given, and a practice session on giving a REIKI commences. Questions & answers. You will receive your 1st Attunment. Time - 3 hours

2. How to consider Contraindications & how important they are. Gaining an understanding to the client’s need for REIKI and how best to give a REIKI, i.e. lying down, sitting, or bedside. Practice giving REIKI, questions & answers. At this stage you will be asked to keep a diary of events, thoughts, happenings, what may seem coincidences, what feels different in your life, since you began your journey to learn REIKI. You will also receive your 2nd Attunment. Time - 3 Hours.

3. On the last meeting, you will receive your 3rd Attunment at the beginning of the session, you may have a lot of questions, as you will have studied your manual to the full, and there may be a need to discuss your 21 day diary, changes that you have noticed. Further REIKI practice. You will receive your 4th and final Attunment for REIKI 1. After you present your 21 day diary you will be presented with your REIKI 1 Certificate. Time - 2.5 hours: Total cost of REIKI 1 - €160.00


This is a 1 day course - - with a 2.5 hour visit after completion of the 21 day diary. Traditionally students of Second Degree REIKI receive two attunements. Each attunement follows the same pattern but acts on different levels. Each time the student receives an attunement the REIKI energy becomes more firmly anchored in the recipient’s energy field. You will receive your REIKI 2 manual and your first attunment. You will be taught the REIKI symbols at REIKI 2 level and their significant attributes, how to do distance healing, questions & answers, Keep a 21 day diary of your progress, recording all your experiences, no matter how insignificant it may seem at the time. This relates to Dr Usui’s meditation and enhances your link with the REIKI tradition and the REIKI energy. You will receive your second REIKI 2 Attunment and be presented your REIKI 2 Certificate. Total cost of REIKI 2 - €150.00 


One day course to for further information please contact me direct. Price €150.00

REIKI 3 combined with Master/ Teacher Level

2 day course, 10 - each day, for further information & price please contact me direct. €190.00

Fees are payable in advance.

Note: All courses include refreshments and lunch where necessary.

A Refresh idea for

Reiki Students & current Reiki users:

From time to time I have found it useful to reintroduce the following to past students and Reiki people, we can get so busy with day to day life that the basics are forgotten, it is very good to refresh our learning and "ground" our selves. This can also be a fun excercise for those who have not been introduced to Reiki before and you happen to be looking in :) I hope you enjoy trying out Hatsurei-ho.   


This technique is now taught in the Japanese Reiki society founded by Mikao Usui. It can be used as a daily routine to help us focus on what is important i.e. YOU! or used with or for meditation purposes along with the recitation of the Reiki principles in the morning and evening if you wish.

Hatsurei-ho is done prior to receiving Rei-ju (A channel strengthening form of attunement). Many teachers are offering reiju at Reiki shares.

This is very similar to practices I have found in many energy work meditation and healing systems throughout the world. Hatsurei-ho is a practice to enhance your Reiki channel and spiritual growth. It is very similar to the grounding, clearing and channel building exercises used in many different metaphysical spiritual healing traditions. Many Reiki teachers teach some of these exercises as an addition to their Reiki training.

Posture : Sit on the floor or chair. Relax and close your eyes. Place your focus onto your Hara-line (3-5 centimetres below navel). Put your hands on your lap with palms down.

Focusing: Mentally intend to begin Hatsurei-ho.

Dry bathing or Brushing off:

1. Place the fingers of your right hand near the top of the left shoulder, with the fingertips over the indentation just in from the edge of the shoulder (where the collar bone meets the shoulder). The hand is lying flat.

2. Draw the flat hand down across the chest in a straight line, over the "V" of the sternum (where the rib cage meets) down to the right hip.

3. Repeat this procedure on the right side, using the left hand. Draw it flattened from the shoulder, in a straight line, across the sternum, to the left hip.

4. Repeat the procedure again on the left side.

5. Place the right hand on the edge of the left shoulder, fingertips on the edge pointing outwards.

6. Draw the right hand, flattened, down the outside of the arm, all the way to the finger tips, all the while keeping the left arm straight and at your side. You may do this with your left arm straight and out in front of you horizontally

7. Repeat this process on the right side, with the left hand on the shoulder and drawing it down the right arm to the fingertips.

8. Repeat the process on the left side again.

Connect to Reiki

9.Raise your hands high up in the air, visualise and feel the vibration/light of Reiki flowing into your hands and run through your whole body.

Cleansing Breathe

1. Put your hands on your lap with your palms up and breathe naturally through your nose. Focus on your hara line and relax.

2. When you breathe in, visualise the white light of Reiki coming in through your crown chakra, on to your hara line and expand to the whole of your body, melting away all your tensions.

3. When you breathe out, visualise that the light that filled up your whole body, expands to outside of your body through your skin, onto infinity in all directions.

Continue for a couple of minutes or as long as you like. Put your hands together holding them in front of your chest (like praying hands) a little higher than your heart.

Meditation (Gassho):

Imagine that you are breathing through your hands.

1. When you breathe in, visualise that the light of Reiki flows in through your hands on to your hara line, your hara being filled with light.

2. When you breathe out, visualise that the light stored in your hara line radiate out through your hands. Continue for a couple of minutes or as long as you like.

3. Saying the 5 Reiki principles three times is also helpful in meditation, (& good for the soul). 

Just for Today ~ Do not anger.

Just for today ~ Do not Worry

Just for today Be honest ~with yourself and all others.

Just for today Be humble (Gratitude, thankful etc)

Just for today Be compassionate ~ to all living things.


Put your hands back on to your lap with your palms down.

Mentally confirm that you have completed Hatsurei-ho. Open your eyes and shake your hands up/down/left/right for a few seconds.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thank you for participating in some of the above exercises, it is not essential to do all, but to prepare to receive Reiki or you are a student of Reiki, it is a good exercise to do each day, twice a day, the “Brushing off” and repeating the 5 REIKI Principles, thinking clearly on each one as you say or think them through, and if you feel the need for more calm also include the breathing exercises.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you. Namaste, Love & Light to you.

Cher Brunsdon.

REIKI Master,

The Reiki Connection FR.

Tel: 0545 78 92 86 / Mobile 06 79 02 02 07.

Or email: [email protected]